Help to Nepal after devastating earthquake

On Saturday, April 25, Nepal was struck by a devastating earthquake of 7.4 degrees. According to the recent information, the earthquake has killed over 4,000 people, thousands of people are in hospitals, and many people are still missing. Many people lost their homes and the loved ones, they live in the streets and they need our help. What is more, there is still a serious thread of the next earthquake waves.

You can help through our partner company ATMA DO, which has  been supporting education  of the Nepalese and Tibetan children for a long time. It has been supporting children in the Monastery of Kopan in Kathmandu and children in the mountain region of Solo Khumbu, where ATMA DO managed to built  a school dormitory. According to the fresh information from the Monastery of Kopan,  the city center is badly damaged  and  some of the monastery buildings are damaged too, luckily the monks are fine and  can help the others. Unfortunately we have not suceeded yet to get in connection with Solo Khumbu.

Financial help could be sent to an account number: 4200178995/6800, (for international payments BIC (SWIFT) kód: VBOECZ2X, IBAN: CZ91 6800 0000 0042 0017 8995 ). Donations over 2000, - CZK will be published on the website. Financial help will be used to provide necessary medical and humanitarian help to the removal of the damages caused by the earthquake.

Current information about the situation in Nepal and about the  above mentioned locations, please visit:


Thank you very much for your help and sympathy with the people in the damaged areas!